What systems are addressed?

 You have finally found your Dream Home!

Both financially and emotionally, your new home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make. At first glance, it may appear to be in great shape, but it may contain defects that you are not aware of. Have you…

  • Examined the roof, chimney and sub-structure?
  • Been in the attic to check for adequate insulation?
  • Removed the electrical box cover to check for potential fire hazards and aluminum wiring?
  • Tested the furnace for dangerous carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks?
  • Been in the crawl space to check for moisture damage?
  • Evaluated the crack in the basement wall?

Certain problems you could live with, but others could be financially devastating. In making a decision of this magnitude, make it with peace of mind.

At Pro-Tek Inspections, Inc., a professionally trained, knowledgeable inspector will examine your new home from top to bottom and educate you on all aspects of the property, including maintenance, upgrading and cost estimates. Our inspectors will carefully examine: