Construction in Progress Inspections

Posted By admin on Nov 27, 2012 |


If you are planning to have your home custom built and want the satisfaction of knowing you will get the quality and price you contracted for, then a construction in progress inspection is for you. You will have a licensed home inspector and contractor working for you as a consultant during the construction of your home.


Many pitfalls in custom building start in the beginning. If you are not able to take the time off from your job during the construction period and/or do not have contracting expertise, do not try building the home yourself. In most instances, you will not save money and the quality will not be in the final product. Choose a professional Licensed Contractor to build your home.


Our construction in progress inspections consist of a review of your plans, specifications and contract before you make a commitment to a contractor. This consulting time gives you a chance to ask questions and for us to offer suggestions. We will make four inspections to the job site:

  • Footing inspection before the concrete is poured.
  • Foundation inspection before framing starts.
  • When the framing and rough ends are completed, but before dry wall is installed.
  • Final inspection. This will be after the builder receives the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) and before your contract with the builder is finalized.


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