New Construction Monitoring

Posted By admin on Nov 26, 2012 |

Inspections for a brand new house — are they really needed?

Every year millions of dollars are spent by homeowners trying to make repairs to their brand new home that they can’t get the homebuilder to come back and do. These repairs include among others: missing foundation footings, missing window or door flashings, hot and cold water lines that are reversed, floor joists completely cut in half for utility lines and never braced, improperly installed siding or roofing, undersized furnaces, mis-wired electrical outlets, etc. Many of these problems were caused by poor design, shoddy building materials, or a simple lack of attention to detail. Most of these problems could have been avoided.

Many people are totally unaware of good building standards or building codes and rely on their builder or the local code inspector to see that their new home is relatively free of construction defects or poor workmanship. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Let us be another set of eyes for you to help ensure that you get a quality home and to minimize the chances that your new home will need costly repairs in the future from hidden defects.

We have set up a basic inspection program that ensures site visits and inspections at critical times during the construction process, to verify that the major systems and components of your new home are properly installed. Our “new construction monitoring program” includes verbal consulting, a written report, and photos of any significant defects after each site visit. Additional testing and site visits can also be provided if so desired.