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R. &. K. P - Lansing
Janis — It is indeed our privilege to have had the opportunity to meet you and engage your services for the property inspection on Snowbird Drive in Kalamazoo. We wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You” for the thorough property inspection conducted for our buyers. We truly appreciate your professionalism and expertise, and the manner in which you handled every aspect of the inspection process for these clients. We know that the buyers are appreciative of your efforts as well, and are looking forward to closing on the home next week. Please look us up if you happen to make your way to Lansing. It would be an honor to see you again.

P. &. C. M - Battle Creek
Though two months have already passed since you inspected a home on our behalf, we are finally returning your comment card. However, while completing the questions, we felt that a letter of appreciation was more worthy of the service you provided. As you may recall, you inspected our condo on the buyer’s behalf, as well as two homes on our behalf, one of which resulted in a withdrawal of our offer. We were so completely impressed with your knowledge, thoroughness and professionalism that we felt your excellent services deserved more praise than a comment card could offer.Having experienced both perspectives (buyer and seller) on your service, we can attest to your work ethics. We witnessed unbiased, extremely thorough inspections performed by the truest of professionals. Further, what we learned while witnessing the inspections helped us scrutinize houses as we continued our search for a new home. Janis, thank you for providing a superior service. Feel free to use us a reference but we’re sure your reputation speaks for itself. We will certainly recommend your company to our friends, family, and co-workers.

S.W. - Kalamazoo

Best money spent during our home buying experience!


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